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In the future, our world is tragically without men and humanity is at risk of extinction. Despite insurmountable odds, women brave the boundaries of time, terrorist plots, and their own government to bring men back and help them gain their freedom.

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Chrom Y Returns

Hundreds of years after a horrific disease destroys Earth’s male population, Sofia Andes7 and her wife embark on a perilous journey back in time to save humankind. While Sofia’s wife impregnates herself with five male zygotes, Sofia is transfixed by the sleeping sperm donor.

Sofia’s first and subsequent trips to the twenty-first century awaken long-dormant feelings, and she begins to question the presumed differences between men and women. As she grapples with the ethics of stealing sperm from the unwitting donor, Sofia hatches a plan to spare him from the deadly virus.

But Sofia’s altruistic plan may never materialize. Tenacious Sofia’s first priority is to protect her wife’s unborn babies from male-hating terrorist groups, questionable actions of their government, and a nefarious Artificial Intelligence.

With humanity’s future at stake, Sofia will draw on all her strengths to save the people she can. However, the laws of time and space have their own imperatives, and saving everyone she loves may be beyond her reach.

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Primogenitus: First Born


In a future without men, Latrice’s mother re-seeded the planet with males. But it is up to Latrice to help them gain their freedom.

The world’s four remaining countries have operated for centuries without wars, but the price of peace is high. The HCC—a consolidated government entity that ensures the continuation of humans through regulated cloning—oversees everyone. While citizens have access to food, shelter, education, and a path to meaningful work, not all can choose how they want to live.

Latrice and her siblings discover the HCC’s darkest secrets and risk everything to expose the truth.


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