In this thrilling paranormal trilogy, join P.I. Dylan Cox on his journey to solve mysteries and uncover his heritage. He will risk more than he expected and discover more than he could ever imagine.

Crimes of the Sasquatch

Novice private investigator Dylan Cox heads to the Rocky Mountains to help find a missing six-year-old boy. His narcissist cousin, criminals, and eccentrics thwart his investigation with their agendas.


Dylan will team up with wilderness-savvy woman, a man on the autism spectrum, and a hard-core Sasquatch believer to find out what really happened to the boy. He may have more at risk than he assumed.

Mission of the Sasquatch

​Dylan Cox, still reeling from lost love, searches for the truth about his past. He travels west from Chicago to uncover the story of his birth parents.


Bigfoot believers, academics, and a person shielding Dylan’s distant past dole out fragments of the story, but each piece of the puzzle crumbles into more questions.


To separate fact from fiction, Dylan will need to trust his instincts and an extraordinary companion.


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