Most of my career focused on teaching professionals about accounting topics related to bank safety and soundness. I've written guidance and conducted workshops for  banking  supervisors all over the world and enjoyed making complex issues easy to comprehend.

Travel is my passion. Between leading international adventure travel trips for the Colorado Mountain Club, personal travel, and my work schedule, I've been to nearly 100 countries and hiked or climbed in many of those. Some of my favorite through-hikes include the Tour du Mont Blanc, Scotland's West Highland Way, and England's Hadrian's Wall Path Coast-to-Coast hike.


While I've dabbled in needle crafts and pottery, creative writing has been my artistic outlet for my entire life. A neighbor/Sasquatch believer inspired the idea for Crimes of the Sasquatch in June 2015. I started developing the story-line as a joint effort with my nephew, Cody Tracy.  After some months, his love of writing horror took precedence over this mystery series. So, he moved on to other projects. You can find his work by searching for Internal Logic or The Hooded Hitchhiker. I’ve worked tirelessly on this series. Being a debut author, there’s a lot to learn! I have amazing writing pals (a number with humbling credentials) and took inspirational classes through the Chaffee County Writers Exchange and Writers Digest.


I am happy to say that my first book in The Sasquatch Series, Crimes of the Sasquatch, was released in February 2020.  The second, Mission of the Sasquatch, was released in April 2020. The third, Legacy of the Sasquatch, was released in the September 2020. The fourth, Passage of the Sasquatch, will be released in 2021.


I've started working on a new series about a time traveling engineer who wants to return from 2240 to 2026 to save a man she met only briefly while she harvested his sperm. The first book, The Return of Chrom Y, will be released in 2021.