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Check out other stand-alone books and anthologies that include L.V. Ditchkus's work.

Bizarre Bazaar​

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' biennial anthology offers seventeen stories that reimagine familiar tales. L.V. Ditchkus' "Opera Without Arias" retells Bizet's tragic opera Carmen.


This short story is positioned in the distant future. Instead of an 1820s soldier, José is a sentient AI character in an Augmented Reality Program at an arcade called Men for Rent. He's deeply in love with a demanding human customer named Carmen, who taunts him into increasingly risky behaviors. Can he stay within his prescribed safety protocols or will he follow her down a destructive path?

First Encounters​

This anthology offers ten original and addictive stories about first encounters including L.V. Ditchkus's "The Formidable Search for Seed"—about time traveling women who risk everything to repopulate our world with men. This story is a prequel for her next series The Chrom Y Chronicles.

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Speculative Fiction Writers group published this collection of ten original stories full of mysterious happenings. Join the journey with the authors’ unsuspecting characters and discover if they learn from their encounters or suffer a tragic fate.

No Longer in Print

Joy To The Worlds

The holiday season evokes deep emotions and is the topic of countless stories. The magic of Santa Claus, the joy of the season, the religious foundation, and the feelings of family and togetherness inspired the stories in this anthology. This collection of flash fiction short stories will put you in the holiday mood.

Included: L.V. Ditchkus' "Yuletide Curse of the Elder Bough." For thousands of years, pagan holiday celebrations ruled the winter season—until the curse of the Elder bough triggered a new normal.

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Speculative Fiction Writers group published this in December 2021.

No Longer in Print

Second Law

Laws, framed by unscrupulous leaders, diminish freedom. They can also be just, superfluous, or downright wrong. Second laws are (by design) less important than primary decrees. But depending on how regulations are ordered, the second law might be imperative for social stability, morality, or survival.

This compilation of original short stories includes L.V. Ditchkus's "Beware the Deadly Sins" a sci-fi tale exploring greed and lust in one possible future. This story is a standalone spinoff from the new Chrom Y Chronicles series.

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Speculative Fiction Writers group published their second anthology in Fall 2021.

No Longer in Print
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