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The writing journey

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Everyone starts in a different place with diverse gifts; however, many debut writers take similar paths to develop and promote their first book. Honing their craft, finding a kind but honest writing group, searching for an agent, and all the while: WRITING, WRITING, WRITING.

April 1, 2019:

Good to know that the U.S. Forest Service has a great sense of humor for April Fools' Day (and thanks to Karen for sending me the link)!

March 28, 2019:

Sent out query letters this week to potential agents. Used query tracker ( to find agents interested in my genre. I'm just learning how to use this great program that helps to narrow down queries to those agents most likely to be interested in a specific project, tracks progress in the query process, and provides information about agents (what type of query they accept, response rates, and form vs detailed responses). Fingers crossed!

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